An email friend of mine and me
discuss many different aspects of life.
During one of our discussions, he asked, "what is a soul?"
Being such a very important subject to many people,
I didn't answer him back right away.
I wanted to think about it, and write it from
my perspective. We all have different points of view, different
beliefs, and some people could care less.

The soul as defined in dictionaries, is a spiritual part
of your being. The spirit is your personality.
A moral, emotion, or intellectual energy,
or intensity, that is the nature of a person.
The soul is the core of our being, where our
true feelings lie. The heart is what keeps our
bodies ticking, like the inner workings of a clock.
Body, soul, and spirit. In some faiths,
this is the triune being in the likeness of God.
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

We feel many different emotions within us, within
our souls, and our mind and body react to those emotions.
These feelings/thoughts are what make us who we are.
Our personalities are a combination of characteristics
or qualities that form an individual's distinctive character.

Anger, hate, fear, pain, stress, can make you feel
miserable within. The giving of one's self
to help others, with love, hope, faith, those to,
can manifest within, obvious to the eye or mind.
We all have traveled down the wrong roads in life.
I sure have. And when I did something wrong,
or hurt someone's feelings, or did something in anger,
then I was filled with guilt.

Some people build walls around themselves,
and won't let anyone in. Some people
use other means to shut off their feelings.
For me through my 71 years, though it was a
long difficult struggle, I have come
to know Jesus as my personal savior,
and found peace within my soul.
And you can to.

When I talk to God, which is quite often,
at times I am overwhelmed with
such awesome spiritual feelings.
You to can feel this way.
You don't need to go to church, though fellowship
with others giving testimonies, prayers and praises
bind us together with God and Jesus.

You don't need to watch an evangelist on television,
though they can be a teacher.
All you need to do is to continuely pray.
The more you pray the easier it becomes.
God does answer in his own time.
Some of you may want to ask forgiveness
and accept Jesus into your life.
Some of you might just want to have inner peace.
Some people can't go to church because of disabilities
or financial problems or heavy burdens.
But you find God through listening to hymns and gospel
music. Through art, or reading the Bible, or by working in the
garden or workshop. God hears us no matter where we are.
He gives us peace that surpasses all understanding.

I have learned, that the choices I made over
the years, helped me become who I am today.
Life is a learning experience, and it is a
continuous circle for as long as we live.
You and only you, can decide the life you
want to live and who you become.
Your body, Your soul, Your spirit.
For Jesus gave his life that you and I may be free.

Written by
ęBarbara L Carter aka bluejay12
May 22nd, 2009
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