So many wonderful people have written me
encouraging emails or signed my guestbook over the years
Diamondavid and I having been making webpages, and I have been writing.

Actually, I have been writing poetry since 1972,
but have grown in wisdom and knowledge.
People like you who have thanked me for touching their lives.
For helping them to ponder life, and accept that some things can't be changed.
Reaching out to others to find their spirituality.
For making them laugh, or breaking down the walls that surrounded their hearts and released their fears.

As I was reading emails one day,
Monday April 14th, 2008, to be precise, a dear friend of mine, Nana/boatsails, wrote about thanking someone.
Her Devotional for the day ~ To thank God from whom all our blessings flow.
Now there are people from different countries,
with different beliefs, who have become friends.
Even a traveling preacher in Australia.

In my now eighty years here on earth,
I had gone through a rough childhood
mostly because of my 60-65% hearing loss,
and a very ill mother who passed away
at the age of 48 years.
My struggles raising three children on my own,
working, living on food stamps.
The pain of two divorces, and all
the ups and downs many of us endure.
But because of people like you,
you gave me the courage to face each day
to believe in God, and know that He guides me.

I have been able to talk about painful issues,
and move forward. I was angry, impatient,
and devastated at times, but
you folks here on
line helped me through it all.
Another one of God's blessings is joining a wonderful
church family who pray together, sing together, and love each other.
Because of all of YOU, we have been blessed,
our lives spiritually filled, and we
no longer fear life nor death. God and Jesus are with all of us.

And Yes, we THANK "YOU", each and every one of you,
for your love, your encouragement and criticisms.
Without YOU and God, Joe and I would not have grown.

God brought me to this beautiful mountain many years ago,
and HE also had me meet my husband Joseph in 2001 in Walmart.
God is the one who over time, has instilled in me
what to care about, what to write about,
the value of friendship, and the true meaning of love.

So to each of you who have touched our
lives here on-line, and our church family, and our Pastor and his wife. THANKYOU!
The hands of time move so quickly.
We learn new lessons daily. Look for the little things
that surround you that make you smile,
and fills you with peace.


Many of us have lost email friends/family over the years.
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November 18th. 2017
Barbara Louise Chambers Carter
aka Bluejay 12

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