Have you been looking
for God in special places?
In churches, chapels, children's faces?
Listening to ministers sermons,
their blessings, or God's graces?
When all you need to do, is
look within your own inner spaces.

And while looking for
God you stumbled and fell.
Thinking to yourself, you might go to hell.
There is no one around
whom you can tell
Does this all seem to ring a bell ?

You look for God, in
the wild flowers He grew.
You ask mom and dad, cause
you thought they knew.
You search through
books for some kind of clue.
Even looked for angels
in the sky's azure blue.

You searched for God among all the birds
You walked through the
mountain among deer herds.
You looked in the Bible, read all the words.
Listened to hymns, while
an organist played the chords.

Why oh why, is He so hard to find?
We know it's true, that
His Son Jesus healed the blind.
He cast out demons
of one who lost his mind.
He taught people to love all,
And be thoughtful and kind.

Maybe now is the time to
Bow your head and pray
Ask Jesus to come into your heart today.
Be confident and listen
to what God has to say,
"My dearest child, I forgive you this day."

Open up your heart, your soul,
feel the warm inner glow
In God's time, and with patience,
You will learn and grow.
You will feel His divine presence,
From your head to your toe.
In your journey through life,
You will reap what you sow.

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Author ~ ©Barbara L Carter/Bluejay12
September 2006
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  God knows what is in your heart.
Accept His divine love. In Jesus name we pray!

To know God ~ read the Word
To meet God ~ know Jesus
To love God ~ feel His spirit
To talk to God ~ pray

Written by
©Barbara L Chambers Carter 1988 ~
© Copyrights 1972~2019

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