Here is a bit of the story about me,
I wanted to write it just a bit differently.
Just not sure just where I should start.
You see, I am 76 years young, and young at heart.

I was born 8/17/1937 (Leo)
and raised in Pennsylvania
I have three beautiful children, Beth, Donna, and Keith.
Between them they have 8 children - I've been blessed.
I love them all dearly, as you may have guessed.

I worked 17 yrs as an nurses aide/LPN {1955-1972}
Technology today so much better then back then.
Joe's and my home sits in the beauty of a mountain,
Where we live a simple, peaceful life.
We had to learn to trust,
took our vows, and became husband and wife.
{married in October 2002}
{5 more grandkids} YEAH!

My passions are dancing,
watching wildlife, and swimming.
Movies, web, board games, putting
1000 piece puzzles together, and bowling,
though I can't do the bowling anymore.
The list is too long
of my pets through the years.
I made many mistakes,
with regrets, and tears.

This of course, is not the end of my story.
Only God knows - when that will be.
For every breath I take, I thank Him daily.
And if you haven't figured it out yet,
I love writing poetry.

My life wasn't all a dance - I had up and downs like everyone does.
Two divorces, lots of heartaches, lots of joyous times.
I bought my first ex's half of house that he didn't want.
Had three jobs the first year to keep it.
Raised my three kids alone for several years.
Took a job in a factory, where I worked day shift
for six years.

Second marriage to class mate I met at 20th class reunion
lasted 24 years till he walked out on me for someone on line
in a chatroom, six months after we got WebTV.
I lived alone here on God's mountain,
for three years till God had me meet Joe in Walmart.
Yep you read that right and "Our Walmart Story"
is in site map one if you would like to read it.

I still dance, and I thank
God for each day he gives me. His will be done.

I have become a writer of sorts,
and enjoy making webpages.
And I am happily married to Joe, and enjoying
the serenity of mountain life.
And if or when my legs can no longer dance my heart will.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Because I have had a 55% to 60% hearing loss since birth,
I wrote this poem about hearing loss and how it affects people like me.
To help others understand. CLICK HERE!

UPDATE - June 2014
My hearing loss is now 65 decibel, one decibel
from being in the profound hearing loss group

What has changed the most for me here on line is I have moved on
from being on WebTV for almost fourteen years, to a computer in August 2012.
This happened only because we were hit with lightning
in June of 2012, which caused us to lose a lot of equipment etc.
including my WebTV. I am slowly learning,
and now Joe has gotten himself a laptop.
So we are moving forward into the 21st century LOL!.

Speaking of moving on, here is my very first page
I made on my computer, titled "MOVING ON" From WebTV To Computer


Picture taken in Winter 1999-2000

Written By
ęBarbara Louise Chambers Carter
Re_written March 2014
copyrightę 1972-2019

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